About Us

Customer Service & Product Development

The Manager-in-charge focuses on the company’s overall in-house business procedures, major product implementation and process controls and performance.
The Department Manager is responsible for all specific key customers order progression, product innovation and product development.
The Account Manager/s focuses on specific customer liaison and order progression from input, production and distribution. Product development and innovation are equally important in this role.

Design and Innovation Team

The excellent in-house design team specializes in Innovative product design and functionality. The team has at its disposal a design library that contains a diverse selection of patterns in various colorations to fulfill the needs of the most discerning customers. Furthermore, to meet the growing demand for continual innovation in both color and design, the JHT Group has invested in the construction and implementation of a fully equipped professional photographic, design and art studio.
This studio houses a team of experienced designers, colorist and photographers who, with their exposure to a world market, are in a position to create designs that reflect the marriage of the simple and elegant Asian influence, with the powerful and expressive Western style of textile design. As JHT compete on the world market, this facility will further ensure the commitment that the JHT design & innovation team maintains its leadership status in identifying and exposing world trends.

Technical & Quality Control

JHT Group is totally committed to not only an on-going search for technical innovation, but also the tools required by line-management to ensure that all production procedures are strictly complied to, and where possible exceed ISO9000 Standards.
Having an in-house laboratory enables random QA testing of raw materials to ensure a consistent output from all production units is maintained. Furthermore, the technical & quality team conducts random inspections of suppliers, to ensure the ISO9000 standards are being adhered to in the sourcing of all raw materials.

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